Our Story


Catalyzed by leadership from practitioners from across Canada, SiG, the McConnell Foundation, CKX and the Centre for Social Innovation are working with collaborators from across sectors to organize this unique national gathering. Beyond showcasing innovative practice and enabling knowledge exchange, the intent is to explore strategies and platforms to support social innovation in Canada moving forward.

This is a shared story, and through Spark! we will widen the discussion and co-create new possibilities to advance social innovation in Canada.



we know that magic happens from intentional and unintentional collisions and we’re committed to creating spaces and designing programming with connection at the center.


working together to tackle big problems is how we will sustain a social innovation movement and have greater impact.



we may come from different organizations and focuses, but we are part of a greater community working to create a better Canada (and world). We are stronger together.


Ask uncomfortable questions

if we’re willing to ask the difficult questions, we’re more likely to find the answers through courageous discussions.


although our work is serious and important, we can make social change and have fun in the process. Play is the secret ingredient.

Equity and Inclusion

we are committed to reaching out to a diverse network of individuals and doing our utmost to ensure we create access for those who face systemic barriers.


Spark! Canadian Social Innovation Exchange would not be possible without the vision, dedication and collaboration of the incredible collaborators and organizations whose collective mission is to create a social innovation movement across Canada and beyond.